“Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it and institute new government . . .”—United States Declaration of Independence

Monday, December 21, 2009

Obamacon's Enslave America

When the Ball Drops...On Us Obamacon's enslave America

“Right now we have a severe unemployment situation, if a political party designed a bill that eliminated 90% of joblessness, would you want them to pass it? If you say well no! It's too good to be true, I want to know how they did it. Why aren't you demanding this of the Obama care bill?”

On Christmas Eve, the snowball with which an avalanche will be formed, will be let loose. The health care bill will be signed, you and I are willing accomplices, because we had not exhausted every imaginable option to derail this fundamental departure from liberty, we are to blame. From the hash brownie eating idealist to the blue collar cog and all those in between, we failed. Millions of hapless ignorant souls have no comprehension of the poison these rats have just fed us, we, the ones that do, shame shame.

In France disgruntled workers are kidnapping their bosses because they were sold a bill of goods, they are burning cars and rioting. This because they were merely promised a utopian existence in which the government would enable them from cradle to grave; an existence where healthcare, education, employment, good will, spiritual guidance and love were to be provided by wealthy state officials and their sound digressions.

Well, guess what? As France did all they could to banish the existence of Jesus Christ and replace him with a social worker and a government in-forced minimum wage, the people began to awaken from the ether, the LIE. They are rioting now, as our government run media refuses to inform socialism's next victims(US), the French are violently screaming “ We need more money!! We need more jobs!!”

My point being, the citizenry of France voluntarily forfeited God and sovereignty for the safe coddling hand of government, when that government did not come through (surprise surprise) on many of it's promises, the people erupted. In America we have been slowly gifting our liberty to the federal government for sometime now, on Christmas we will unwittingly (for the most part) become a nation of which our founders would have had shed blood to break free from. We are barely sounding a whimper.

Healthcare will be forced down our throats in a few days, its funny that the average person who supports it, simply believes “ Great, finally all will have healthcare, the suffering poor will have the healing they so desperately need and people will not drowned in debt to pay their medical bills” I don't think many will oppose that thought, not at least if you have a caring heart. Unfortunately, this “healthcare bill” and that statement don't coincide. I suggest that if you are a casual supporter of the bill, you read it! Government imposed healthcare is the antithesis of “ A healing and helping hand”.

I began a blog called the Christian Revolution Now, a little over a year ago, it is designed to inform people how closely American politics affects American religion, which in turn affects American freedom. The only way for a government to grow is by reducing it citizens freedom, ours has been gorging on ours for over fifty years. They have conditioned us to believe that there is some battle between democrat and republican, encouraging us to choose a side, thus separating us. They further divide us with divisive social issues, such as racism, abortion, gay rights, and so on. They have us torn in so many directions, we have allowed them to prosper and grow among the self inflicted chaos.

For those Christians who have a hard time conceiving that the Obama administration will inflict a fatal blow to our national faith, I beg you, please research and read my previous post's. If you are an Obama supporter, take comfort in the fact that he isn't the only politician, past and present, who desires to dismantle Christianity as we know it. The government cannot fully extend its wings of destruction and oppression as long as America recognizes it's faith. I pray in reading my post, Christians will come to be as concerned as I am. We cannot remain on the sidelines. If you research and investigate this administration you'll realize rather quickly their anti-Christian agenda.

Do you realize that if each tax payer were to give a charitable donation of only a few dollars at the end of every fiscal year, that in itself would afford the uninsured coverage? This monstrosity of over a trillion dollar legislation is designed circumvent liberty and freedom by injecting the governments tentacles into every aspect of American life. If we let this bill pass, our wealthy elitist politicians will control and crush small business, academia, the church, the community, and the family, all under the guise of protecting the few uninsured. Why won't congress subscribe to the same healthcare they are force feeding us? At the very least, won't you demand that they follow the same script they are commanding us to live by?

The ball will Drop... Right on our Heads!

1.The cost is an absolute lie, this monstrosity will crush middle wage families (by design) We will have started paying on this attack on liberty YEARS before it insures ONE “uninsured”.

2.The simple fact every democrat who initially opposed the bill was eventually bought off with hundreds of millions of our dollars, only furthers the deception and corruption of a soon to be indestructible government and bankrupt nation.

3.It is down right unconstitutional!

4.Up until now, Christians were born, owing only Christ. We were baptized and gave our lives over to him for our salvation. For the first time in American history, we are literally born, owing the United States government tax money for insurance whether we want it or not.
5.I want you to think real hard.... Where on this forsaken planet do you believe you can find a more compassionate, better equipped, highly skilled, more comprehensive healthcare system than the one in United States? ANSWER: NO WHERE

6.For all that is wrong with our healthcare, no one, I repeat no one is left untreated. However in this bill, the government will have the legal right to decide whom, how much, and if, you deserve treatment.

7.We are not insuring the people who can't afford insurance with this bill, we are handing our liberty over to the federal government. Right now we have a severe unemployment situation, if a political party designed a bill that eliminated 90% of joblessness, would you want them to pass it? If you say well no! It's too good to be true, I want to know how they did it. Why aren't you demanding this of the Obama care bill? You don't know what's in it. The fed's could create a 2300 page job bill that would demand the first born, force you to serve time in the military, volunteer 3,400 hours of community service or be subjected to incarceration or fine. They could easily disguise those unfortunate tid bit's of information in a 2300 page bill. They could fill the rest with utopian dreams, bogus jobs, and meaningless platitudes. And if you opposed this bill, they could simply say “ You don't want change, you'd rather do nothing than alleviate 90% of the unemployment.... Sounding familiar?

Join me at or email me your writing's at so I can post them. We must stop this liberal agenda, both democrat and republican. Please I urge you... We cannot sit silent, while we are being attacked by these new domestic terrorist.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Keep Your Eye on the Tiger

Keep your eye on Tiger, because they are stealing are nation..

I am thoroughly exhausted, and at wits end, some one tell me this is a joke. Have you had the misfortune to understand just what stands between us and a radical new Marxist regime? A government that is free to tax us into slavery, defile our God, murder millions of innocent lives at the tax payer expense, euthanize our elderly, forfeit our monetary resources to third world countries, and teach our children that gay debauchery is as natural as witchcraft and mother Earth? John Baner, Michael Steele, John McCain, Newt Gingrich? Sorry, but none of these career politicians have me feeling warm and fuzzy inside, right from their suit and ties down to their typified Washington speak. I mad as heck! I am frustrated as heck! I want some one representing us who can cut through the PC jargon and convey the fact that we are tired of the lies, we are not stupid, and we've had enough!

Our President was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize days after being inaugurated, Al Gore is making an obscene amount of money and power off of this hoax known as climate change, our congress passes thousand plus page bills without so much as a concern for reading them, politicians are literally ignoring their constituents passionate pleas, with no regard for their anger. Where are our representatives? Are they in cahoots with the Obamacons? We are boiling and the time for polite banter is over! American's must purge these evil scumbags from office at the very least! We are being lied to! Wake up. Our President, leader of the most precious nation, is a liar, a fraud, and a cheat; his ilk are the sludge that dirt refuses to stick to. If you think I am overreacting, take a good look in the mirror because your part of the problem.

They are stealing this nation out from under us. We have never seen such blatant corruption or misuse of power at any other point in this nations history; our founders would not recognize this nation. “ The liberties of our country, the freedoms of our civil constitution are worth defending at all hazards; it is our duty to defend them against all attacks. We have received them as a fair inheritance from our worthy ancestors. They purchased them for us with toil and danger and expense of treasure and blood. It will bring a mark of everlasting infamy on the present generation- enlightened as it is- if we should suffer them to be wrestled from us by violence without a struggle or to be cheated out of them by artifices of designing men.” -Samuel Adams. “Artifices” means con or ruse as in Obamacons, we are being cheated out of our liberties by these huckster opportunist, they are smiling in the shadows with our money dripping through their fingers at the cost of freedom. Why are we accepting this? President Obama and this administration realize this is a suicide mission, they expect that the next election will bring heavy tolls on the new democrat party, but it is by design. Once they install universal healthcare, cap and trade, and the various other liberty altering legislation, against the will of the people mind you, this country will be over.

“Men must be governed by God, or they'll be ruled by tyrants”_ William Penn Why do you think the left has engaged in such a blitzkrieg against Christianity? NBC, perhaps the biggest felon, has created a negative propaganda machine against American tradition and Christianity for the last several years, ratings be damned. As Christ and his holy word, becomes extracted from our lives, our collective soul will wither and die. If the high court exonerates you of murder, yet your hand pulled the lever that legalized the murder of millions, have you done no wrong? Socialist like the Obamacon's only care about one kind of justice, governmental, because the human magistrate can be corrupted by the almighty dollar or the inducement of power. Divine justice cannot be molested,by greedy mortal intentions, your sins cannot hide from the eye of God. Obamacon Factoid: If you rip the liberty and future out of an entire generation and NO media is there to cover it, did it still really happen?

The secular socialist that plague the majority of our government body fear God, this is why they are so adamant about dismantling Christmas. Under the guise of fearing to offend non-believers, the Godless Obamacons are unleashing the trial lawyers and other legal hell-hounds and foot by foot they are succeeding. If you are offended by me celebrating Christ, my Lord and savior, your in the wrong country, our founder's intended this nation to be guided by the divine hand of God, “the separation of church and state” was not our founders intention, but this liberal lie still permeates academia from preschool to college. The separation of church and state does not exist in our instruction manual, The Constitution, it was simply discussed in a letter written by Thomas Jefferson. The country we just forced our independence from possessed a government that defiled religion and corrupted it, Jefferson didn't want to see a single denomination dominate our nation. There are so many worthy denominations of Christianity, the government should abide by the universal belief.

And so now as our precious and I mean precious country is being stripped away from us, we must expect more from our representatives. Is there any Sam Adam's, George Washington's, Thomas Jefferson's out there? America has elected the most prolific liar in modern history, and by that I mean the Obamacon's collectively. We are is serious trouble, no one wants to believe that the sun is going to go out in their life time, but guess what? Obamacon Factoid: If politicians concoct a grand environmental lie, to fulfill their greedy lust and line their bottomless pockets and no one in the media cover's it, is it still a lie? It's not only a lie, it is a treasonous crime, one that sunk our auto industry. The car business was just one more of America's long running God given traditions that the liberals have molested.

The time is now, to vote all the career criminals out of office, and if that means taking some republicans out, so be it. Although the (R)'s seem as though they are our last line of defense, we must send a clear message to these pompous incompetents. Our responsibility doesn't end there, we need to shake up and wake up these drones that work along side of us, people often reply politics is not their bag, but in 2009, it's about our liberties, the lack of, and the fact that they are quickly disappearing. As a Christian it is my responsibility to inform everyone I come in contact with how wonderful Christ's impact on my life has been, it is up to them whether they wish to be saved or not. As a concerned American who is actually witnessing, in my life time no less, the heart wrenching demise of the greatest nation ever constructed, it is also my responsibility to shout from the roof tops “The Enemy is Here!” We must all be good little Paul Revere's!

Obamacon Lie:

1.Guantanamo Bay insights would-be terrorist to take up arms.

2.Obama's pledge never to sign a bill with earmarks

3.Obama's guarantee of transparency ( gimme a break, they refuse to even read the bill's, why are we letting them pass bills laden in pork to serve as kick backs to all their dirt-bag political buddies?)

4.Obama slaps Wall Street goon's for the camera's and his lap dog media groupies, then when the show's over they exchange hugs, a slap on the butt, and laugh for hours over champagne, about how stupid and gullible we the public are.

PS You can look up Obama's top ten lies on places like , But really who cares, we're beyond that. The truth is we are being lied to right now!
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Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Paper President

The Iranians are becoming dangerously comfortable in their blatant disrespect over our concerns, if Obama let's them go nuclear it is a game changer. Millions will die, either as a direct result of the weapon itself or it's destabilizing affect on an already hyper-fragile part of the globe. Ahmadinejad has a mischievous glow about him, like a cat who just swallowed a canary, only this cat is smiling ear to ear because he knows he's escaped a beating. The shameful fact is, no one cares, the kids are loose in the candy store, every two bit thug or would-be dictator has become fully aware of America's paper President.
What liberals would refer to as enlightened, our enemies know as weak, our ally's should be deeply concerned as well. As long as Obama is in the White House, Israel should abstain from any conflict, our President is no more a friend of theirs than he is a friend of ours. President Obama has just committed sending 35,00 American troops into a Afghanistan, just 55,000 shy of what was requested by General McChrystal. The President only complied with the Generals wish because he was forced into a corner, politically. However, by sending only a fraction of the troops McChrystal requested, he has further endangered our men and woman.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Amerika: A Liberal Molestation

Amerika: A liberal Molestation

Americans play to win at all times. I wouldn't give a hoot and hell for a man who lost and laughed. That's why Americans have never lost nor ever lose a war. --General George S. Patton

In America, there's a failure to appreciate Europe's leading role in
the world. President Barack H. Obama

There once was a time, when a man knew his place, he was to work hard for his family, protect his wife and children with his life, if that meant he would have to trade in his mortality, done. The woman knew her place as well, she was to nurture her children, and make the home a place where a man could rest after dealing with the cruel cynical world and know that no matter how daunting it could be, he was loved. Of course there was more to it than that, but the structure was simple and defined. Families trusted in the lord above, as our founders did, and they overcame.

In 1775 a movement of spirited men decided they would no longer simply exist under the oppressive thumb of a tyrant or a corrupt overbearing government and they revolted, this was the revolutionary war. Under the care of a God, and guided by the words of the Holy Bible, these men would go on to create a country that was second to none, America. Our founders were not inspired by Allah, Buddha, or some humanistic higher power, they were moved by the Lord, Jesus Christ. This young Nation was guided by Christianity and its children built a republic inspired by the belief that the Ten Commandments made sense.

World War 2 America produced great citizens like my grandfather, who fought in Okinawa, came home and worked his fingers to the bone to provide a fruitful existence for my grandmother and her two children. My grandfather would tell me about all the young men who would lie about their age, just to get a chance to kill a Nazi or shoot down a Japanese fighter Plane. Patriotism was sacred, but plentiful, it meant something to be an American.

When I was a boy, I knew who the villains were, and although my grandfather complained that things weren't like this in his day, I could still recognize the good guys too. My first experience with self loathing liberal guilt was the commercial with the crying Indian, back then even liberals called them Indians. The camera would focus on the tremendous amount of waste and pollution strewn over the once beautiful landscape, then it slowly panned in on a man dressed in traditional Native America garb, he gazed upon all the wreckage of the conquering white man and then a single tear rolled from his eye and down his cheek.

It took some time, but eventually I would come to realize the destruction and utter treasonous mayhem liberalism caused, and its dyer impact on our precious planet. Liberalism has infultra1ited almost every aspect of America; the schools, the military, the government, our homes, the environment, it has also had its insidious fingers in tragedies around the world.

One recent discovery of mine was what progressive liberalism had perpetrated on poorer nations as means of population control. DDT destroyed disease carrying mosquito's, saving millions of lives in poverty stricken areas of the world. Liberals could not bare the cold blooded murder in the millions of these little creatures (the mosquito's) so they fought to ban DDT, saying it wreaked havoc on the environment.

Even though EPA Administrative Law Judge Edmond Sweeney declared, “DDT is not a carcinogenic hazard to man. ... The uses of DDT under the regulations involved here do not have a deleterious effect on freshwater fish, estuarine organisms, wild birds, or other wildlife. ..” Liberals continue this nefarious lie, in order to legally implement infanticide, and the murder of child carrying women. Research “The Malaria Clock”

Liberals have used global warming as an excuse to control economically depressed peoples around the planet, a form of enviro-imperialism. And we've let them procure this deadly irresponsible hoax on hapless nations, including our own. Scientist have found an abundance of evidence to the contrary of warming and studies are coming out every day exposing these fraudulent liberal lies.

Lately we can can see the glaringly heinous affect liberals have had on our military. It is nothing short of treasonous. We have young men and women losing limb and life because of the left's preposterous policies, they have restrained our soldiers with bogus rules of engagement and poisonous multiculturalism. We saw it at Fort Hood, a terrorist that should have been stopped long ago, was able to receive and education and pay while preparing to slaughter 13 of his innocent comrades. Military personnel were concerned about how they would be perceived if they we to reprimand a man who was Muslim, the left has created this environment and because of this, relatives of the 13 are left in mourning.

We also have this circus trial about to be underway in New York. Obama and the left have decided to stick the proverbial knife in the back of the previous administration, with a bulls-eye on Bush. Eric Holder has already condemned these men as murderous terrorist who will never see the light of day, but still feels the need to endanger New Yorkers with this ridiculous trial.
The attorney's for these vile snakes are wetting their pants, relishing the impending notoriety, they have hit the jackpot!

The Obamacons have long insisted the Bush administration had used unfair tactics to retrieve vital information from enemy combatants. We should be thanking our lucky stars the liberals weren't on watch when we were hit, they would have politely requested the information from these murderers and we would have suffered the consequences. Our government should be willing to yank every last tooth from the enemy, if that's what it takes to save American lives.

The Obamacons wish to extend our enemy the same rights as we have, how can we expect our citizenry to have patriotism, when our President despises it so. Obama is an internationalist, he believes that our nation is no better than any other, including our enemies! He doesn't believe in American exceptionalism, neither does he believe in the fundamental ideals that made such a difference in catapulting us to greatness. Liberals like Obama don't understand why Americans cheer for the hero, they take pity on the villain, believing that he is misunderstood, and there in lies the reason liberalism is eating our blessed country like a cancer.

Never in history has an administration seethed with such evil passion to take down its predecessors, like the Obamacons do Bush. Say what you want about Bush not being competent, but he was a real American, when those 3000 died, so did part of him, you could see the vulnerability and sorrow on his face, it was authentic. We could also see his commitment to make the enemy pay, where as Obama would want to sit them down and ask what we did to deserve the attack.

The liberals are a blight, molesting and denigrating this nation, their ideology is not conducive with survival, they are achieving their purpose by taking down the foundation so many have died for. What they have succeeded in doing to the “African American” community is nothing short of treason. They have disassembled the black family, making the young and the old slaves to the government. They have taken the good conservative Christian values that had carried black families through the most dyer times, and replaced it with government servitude. For decades Liberals controlled 90% of the most crime ridden and drug infested cities in America, these neighborhoods are a gaping wound that we just throw tax payer dollars at. They have broken the spine of many minority neighborhoods, yet this is their formula for success.

Without an identity our nation will fall, liberals are spreading multiculturalism like a disease, in the hope of keeping us faceless and despondent. As a Christian I celebrate Christmas, liberals are driving it into the abyss, replacing it with the generic “Happy Holiday's” I am advocating not just for the sake of celebrating my Lords birthday, but for the tradition that has blessed our country. Don't you see, Christmas is part of our identity as a nation, just as much as swearing on the Holy bible, traditional marriage, the family, morals, and common sense. Liberals are succeeding in devouring all that is sacred, the more that they molest the constitution, the courts, the media; the closer we draw to becoming Amerika. In Amerika the only certainty will be the government. BY LOSING OUR IDENTITY, THE ONLY CERTAINTY WILL BE GOVERNMENT.

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"No people can be bound to acknowledge and adore the invisible
hand, which conducts the Affairs of men more than the People
of the United States. Every step, by which they have advanced
to the character of an independent nation, seems to have been
distinguished by some token of providential agency." - George Washington

“..there have been times where America has shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive.” Barack Obama
The liberties of our country, the freedom of our civil Constitution, are worth defending at all hazards; and it is our duty to defend them against all attacks. We have received them as a fair inheritance from our worthy ancestors: they purchased them for us with toil and danger and expense of treasure and blood, and transmitted them to us with care and diligence. It will bring an everlasting mark of infamy on the present generation, enlightened as it is, if we should suffer them to be wrested from us by violence without a struggle, or to be cheated out of them by the artifices of false and designing men. - Samuel Adams

“My job to the Muslim world is to communicate that the Americans are not your enemy. We sometimes make mistakes. We have not been perfect.” -Barack Obama

Battle is the most magnificent competition in which a human being can indulge. It brings out all that is best; it removes all that is base. All men are afraid in battle. The coward is the one who lets his fear overcome his sense of duty. Duty is the essence of manhood.-George S Patton

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Obamacon: Taxes, Lies, and Treachery

When Nancy Pelosi was asked whether or not she thought it was fair for people to face incarceration for not participating in Obamacare, she replied, “ Well the point is, we want.....blah blah blah” Why can't this administration ever say “YES” or “NO”? They truly reckon that we are idiot's, you know, maybe we are. American's overwhelmingly reject government run healthcare, but the democrats are forging ahead, buying off the dissenters. This whole political system is a sham, it's a mockery of the nation we once knew. We are virtually paralyzed, will this country survive the Obama con?

The Obama propaganda machine that surfaces like greasy grimy pollution in an otherwise beautiful pond, monopolize every cable channel, they can hardly keep a straight face defending their liar, I mean leader. They resemble rats, doing the bidding of their pied piper. The democrat party has produced quite an abundance of dirtbags, like Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu, whose integrity was bought for a cool hundred million(some say 300 million), she figures her constituents can be bought as well if she spreads part of the wealth around. The problem is, it's not only the citizens of Louisiana that will be flipping the bill, it will be all of us.

This administration has plagued us with the “CRISIS”, so they can con every last cent from us. If this healthcare bill goes through, the Obamacons will have created a structure designed to dominate the American, both economically and socially. Once we're under the thumb of this monster, there will be a new America, one that hardly resembles the country my grandfather fought for. This is treasonous, nowhere in the constitution does the government have the right to force this abomination on us. This is the tyranny our forefathers warned us about. Obama exclaimed that he would fundamentally change this country and if this healthcare succeeds, he will.

The democrat's deceptive mantra goes “doing nothing is not an option” when in fact doing nothing would save this country from a certain death by taxes and tyrannic liberal suppression. They claim that they will cut medicare by billions of dollars, this will NEVER happen, the elderly vote is too costly. So until they euthanize our elderly population, they will continue to raise our taxes. They are lying. When they say “doing nothing” it conveys the message that besides this horrendous debacle of legislation, no one wants to fix anything, and this part of the shell game. There are other ways to cover those who need it, but this plan has nothing to do with the uninsured, it's strictly for domination.

The Obamacons aren't even going to insure every one; we can send a man to the moon, perform brain surgery, clone sheep, but we can't ensure 13 million people without fundamentally disassembling our republic and paying out over a trillion dollars? What part of this is believable, we must be crazy. If you do not see the treachery, you need your head examined. I blame every last politician who isn't screaming at the top of his/her lungs to stop this; our tax dollars pay for these freeloaders. It is you and I who afford these worms the luxury to work two or three days a week, embezzle millions of dollars, have extra marital affairs and judge us with their self righteousness and pompous piety.

Last week the tragedy at Fort hood was committed by a terrorist, whose rallying cry was Allah Akbar! Then he ruthlessly murdered our unarmed troops, they were helpless victims of terror. The Obamacons denounced the attack, but told us not to jump to any conclusions, therefore they denied that this was an act of terror. Now, that Hasan is healing up he will plead insane, due to the abuses of an intolerant military and pre-traumatic stress syndrome. The Obamacons would rather this butcher receive a circus in which he can put politically incorrect America on trial, thus furthering their agenda.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Enemy Within Part 2

As our fearless leader appeases his way through the Orient, the families of the victims at Fort Hood are left picking up the pieces of their broken lives. The massacre hardly made a blip on Obama's radar, his administration is trying desperately to portray this as your garden variety slaughter, but for those of us with a brain, this attack is not so insignificant, no it's enormous. This was a terror attack that probably could have been avoided, if not for our societies ingestion and acceptance of political correctness, the proper steps would have been taken long ago to imprison this slug.

The military is consumed by PC fear, liberals have been quite successful in their campaign for loathsome white guilt. They've created an atmosphere of tolerance for the intolerable. This sworn Islamic soldier penetrated our military, and with their careers in the balance, our guardians looked away, and for that 13 hero's are dead.

Liberalism infects everything it comes in contact with. The liberal elites, like President Obama, Harry Reid, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Nancy Pelosi and others take pleasure in controlling their naive left wing minions. The elite's pander to this peace, love, and happiness crowd, making slaves of millions. They don't believe in any of it. These are progressives in liberal clothing, sure they believe in abortion, not because it's a women right, but because it controls the population and supports selective breeding, weeding out the less desirable.

They have been around since Roosevelt, these racist wealthy elites believe in a society of worker bees, while they keep fat and fed, they expect us to live by standards that they themselves can't abide by. Obama scolded us for having our heat to high and cruising around in our uneconomical SUV's, while he hosts hundred thousand dollar affairs in which they throw away more than we make in a month. Right now they are propagandizing class warfare, they tell us that these fat cats on Wall Streets are hording these outrageous bonuses while stepping on the neck of the working class, it's a lie, Wall Street and the Obama work hand and hand, or should I say hand in wallet.

By creating class warfare, they hope to widen the gap between the haves and the have nots, with the grand design of an enormous uneducated welfare state of worker bees. They will control every aspect of our lives, and this is not just Obama and the liberal democrats, it is also the wealthy republican elites. They conspire to stamp out individualism, you see it already with their campaign for multiculturalism, much like Mao Tse-Tung who eventually retracted peoples names and just gave them numbers, they desire us to be cogs in the machinery. All these ridiculous social programs that they are implementing to indoctrinate our children and poor, are meant to cause a break down in the fabric of society, and when society fails we will be looking for the government, Martial Law will ensue. They are already collapsing our economy, that is the other part of their equation, when society and the economy fail we will have no more choices, we will have no more freedom.

Obama and his henchmen do not believe in the American spirit, the entrepreneur, or capitalism, these very traditional aspects to our nation make it impossible for them to control us. Why do you think they are pulverizing small business? The government imposes so many restrictions, they make it nearly impossible to start and maintain your own livelihood. They have made it so complicated with all this paper work, inspections, and certificates, most people fail or just give up. If and when you do succeed they will do everything in their power to suffocate you, taxes, workman's compensation, health insurance, liability insurance. Etc. This is preposterous, but we were asleep at the wheel and inch by inch they stole our country.

Christianity is under attack and it's not just Christians that should be concerned, the Obamamite's and their media elites, and Hollywood left wing fringe are doing their best to marginalize Christianity. Why? Because Christianity is freedom, it represents a belief that transcends the bondage of this world and all its decadence and hate. Something bigger, something governments have been trying to capture for centuries, but have failed. They know the only option is to negate it. My wife watches all the criminal shows, I can't help but once in a while to sit in on an episode. Within the last month I have witnessed Hollywood at work several times, portraying Christians as zealots or ignorant backwoods hillbillies. If they can succeed in brainwashing Americans into being ashamed that they are Christians, they will win. They want Christianity to be viewed as an antiquated superstitious belief, they mock it and dismiss it as an intangible gimmick; but Christians have tossed a little fuel on the fire by putting their faith in all these mega church superstars with million dollar mansions and sports cars.

These liberals are the enemy within, although they are not authentic liberals and the proper word would be progressive, they have chosen the liberal ideology as a host. If we don't contest this hostel takeover, the American way of life will resemble a Marxist state. This travesty in New York is the Obama administrations “wink and a nod” at the Muslims it is trying so hard to appease. “Look, we are going to punish George Bush and his cowboys” This three ring circus is just what Obama wants to prove to the world he has saved America from itself. This will be a microcosm of the injustice to come. This extravaganza will thrust NY further into its debt laden spiral, while making it a prime target for violence.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Terror Within

Alert! The deep blue state of Connecticut averted what looks like a very sinister plot, terrorism? Yes, today The Hartford Courant proclaimed the authorities foiled an alleged plot, masterminded by a 15 year old boy. The unnamed hooligan apparently made a threat mentioning guns and possibly bombs, no doubt inspired by the evening news or some other morally corrupt form of media.

We can all sleep comfortably knowing that this monster has been charged with acts of terrorism, manufacturing a bomb, possession of a sawed-off shotgun, threatening and second-degree reckless endangerment. Our own President and his brood of liberal vipers including the government run media, refuse to appropriately label Nidal Malik Hasan as a terrorist, but feel comfortable throwing that tag around the neck of a 15 year old.

Now don't get me wrong this troubled youth is probably a deviant sociopath whose parents planted him in front of any disturbing TV show just to keep him from whining, but that's not the issue. This kid in all likelihood did not have business cards that said Praise Allah or Soldier of Islam. The issue is the all out assault by liberal democrats to appease every minority group in the hopes of seducing their votes. The fact that more than a handful of ardent Islamist oppress woman, kills homosexuals, limit freedom, and strictly enforce death to apostates, doesn't dissuade liberals from soliciting Muslims.

I must point out that liberals froth at the mouth when given the chance to persecute Christians, whether they depict them as psycho on TV or simply slander the church or worse, but they give Islam a pass. And it's not just the fear of getting their heads lopped off that makes them coddle Islam, its part of their deep seeded hatred of World War 2 America. Innately, liberals have to separate and label everyone, then pit them against each other for political gain.

Islam, is not a friendly religion, I said it. Wake up America! If your at all interested, look to our sister country England, Muslims are going to burn it down from the inside out. Political correctness has devastated our faithful ally to the point that English courts will abide by Sharia Law. If you read the Koran you will discover the only people who claim Islam to be a religion of peace, are the ones who never read it.

I am positive that there are peaceful Muslims on the Earth, maybe most of them, however there are literally millions of Islamic soldiers that desire us eradicated, millions. These people cannot be bargained with or satisfied until you are converted or killed. Do this... READ...LEARN....They are not our friends, they aren't misunderstood or disgruntled, they are loving fathers, mothers, and children who want us destroyed. Go to your Google search and type in the “dangers of Islam” for starters, then if that doesn't peak your interest, take a seat with a hot cup of coffee and read the Koran. Then take an objective course on it if your still not quaking in your boots.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Liberal Democrats VS America...Are we Losing?

This massacre in Texas is a direct result of nefarious liberal policies, these policies aren't just misguided, they are intended to deplete this nations foundation of all it's strength. Due to multiculturalism and political correctness, the liberal agenda casualty count has risen. Our self designed emperor has instructed us not to come to any conclusions, you know, due to the implementation of left wing ideology, people refrained from kicking this animal out of the military because he might sue for discrimination, something bizarre like that.

When President Obama informed the nation of the killings, he was sure to explain it as “oh, by the way”. He spent two minutes enthusiastically thanking the native Americans and then proceeded to describe the cold blooded killings, in his best flat lined monotone speak. This is egregious. I recently wrote a post about the Political Correctness Disease, explaining that hero's were dying due to these witless liberal policies. The more the evidence surfaces, the more this begins to resemble a terrorist assault on American soil. The idea that we cannot get the White House to even acknowledge this fact, should accentuate just where the allegiance lies.

Why won't this administration dare to consider this a direct attack on this nation? Well they do, but more importantly, why won't they admit it? If this cold blooded killer were to be a white supremest Nazi dirtball, you can bet all the “air” in Obama's arrogance that he would have brought this to the forefront. All of this administrations propaganda machine, CBS, ABC, CNN, and of course NBC , would be spinning the web of hatred. Remember Obama's rush to judgment on the Skip Gates affair, where he accused the white cop of profiling, when indeed it was not even close? He looked like a fool.

This was an attack, facilitated by the left wing branch of America, make no mistake about it, political correctness had its filthy hand in these brutal slayings. Where is this going to end. The Washington Times reports that our playboy President Clinton outlawed soldiers carrying guns on base as soon as he got in office, no doubt to appease all the insidious left wing loons. He made it impossible for our guys to arm themselves, even for personal protection. Time and time again liberals undermine our military hero's, our boys and girls are sent out to battle with one hand tied behind their backs. If soldiers were armed, there is no doubt in my mind that Nidal Malik Hasan would have met his just demise long before thirteen hero's lost their lives.

Liberal policies are the wreckage of this nation, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Halfwit Barney Frank, and my state's shyster and swindler, Chris “Countrywide” Dodd, have no regard for our constitution, which works out well for the President who tramples it. When we examine the decline of America, we can assuredly see that liberal policies are at the root 90% of the time. This ridiculous global warming, now known as “climate change” along with the Unions, both had a hand in sinking the auto industry. While other countries enjoyed the low cost of labor and relaxed environmental restrictions, they were able to invest more capital in design, innovation, and technology. Al Gore is a fraud, he cannot debate a credible opponent because he would lose and he is making an obscene fortune off scare tactics and bold face lies, you can follow his carbon footprint all the way to the bank!

Gun control is one of the largest liberal lies, these laws protect no one, just like drugs, if criminals desire to attain them, they'll get um. Meanwhile, a man who needs to protect his family is drug through the ringer in most states and hampered by tedious restrictions. Liberal lie: Get Guns Off The Streets. They aren't the law-abiding citizens guns, this fallacy is just another attempt to frighten people. If more people were armed, there would be less crime, and maybe we could get rid of some of these corrupt arrogant police officers and redeem some of the money they leach off the taxpayer. (don't get me wrong. God bless the honest cops and keep them safe, but their getting harder to find.) Case in point: Your on the subway, a crazy man starts methodically mowing down passengers as they sit, if you had a gun, maybe you could stop him, if everyone had a gun, he would certainly be stopped. They talk about the dangers of a gun in the home, do you know that they could use the same logic and bogus statistics for bathing in the home? I don't believe we're going to stop doing that anytime soon.

Believe this, I have said it before, this democrat party sure ain't your grandmothers democrat party. This administration and Barack Obama specifically, do not believe that the carnage at Fort Hood was the action of an anti-American terrorist, which all factual accounts clearly point out; Barack Obama and his smiling evil ideologue's hate the America we love. They believe that this man is one of many oppressed and misunderstood victims of American imperialism and white Christian ignorance in particular. They are more concerned about a Muslim backlash than the truth, this should scare and sicken you. Obama's melancholy speech was an insult. They despise World War 2 America, cowboys, free enterprise, the pilgrims. true followers of Christ, apple pie and Chevrolet and true equality; they believe that is what is wrong with America. Let me tell you this, they will sacrifice their own, willingly, to attain this false utopia. Their politics are a contradiction and based purely on emotion. This may be the beginning of an Islamic assault in America.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Victims of Liberalism

The Victims of liberalism

President Obama has signed a hate crime bill, while simultaneously making America a more vulnerable nation. The new hate crime bill “piggy backed” on legislation that further weakened our sovereignty by killing plans for new weapons and war spending. America, pay attention this bill is a microcosm of liberal planning, President Obama rides on the Luxury that previous Presidents afforded him, by building the most powerful nation on Earth. The next US leader will be left to pick up the unpopular pieces of securing this nation.

The new measure expands currant hate crime laws by including violence based on gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability. AP reports the defense part of the bill that wasn't cut, was a “must pass”; so republicans who realized that this legislation was an attack on free speech caved in to typical Washington politics, in order to get the defense dollars. **Hope and Change**

There is always a reason why a crime is committed, jealousy, greed, psychotic tendencies, hate, none of them are valid and all of them should be punishable by the appropriate measure. Our far left President and his ilk believe that victims of a crime are more important if they subscribe to a liberal lifestyle. If I get assaulted for my belief in Jesus Christ and his teachings it is now a lesser crime than a man who gets assaulted for believing he should have sex with other men.

Liberals preach multiculturalism and praise the concept of a cookie cutter communistic approach, when convenient, so why do they go to such lengths to pit Americans against each-other. They divide everyone up into pretty political packages, and tattoo their bloody stamp on them. Gay and lesbian, environmental enthusiast, the poor, minorities, artist, college students and so on; liberals have hijacked these groups and buffered them by branding them with radical causes. I can't support a pristine environment, if I do I must subscribe this bogus claim that the Earth is warming, even when credible scientist provide facts to the contrary. Or I must support Nancy Pelosi's 30 million dollar salt marsh mouse, how much healthcare could that of paid for?

I loathe discrimination, it sickens me, determining ones worth by the color of his skin or the shape of his body or any other God given trait is ignorant and sad. However, the liberal puppeteer's are indoctrinating masses of minorities to believe that they are despised by some innate shame and hatred incorporated in the DNA of every white male ever birthed. Thus dividing by color for political supremacy.

I am convinced homosexuality is an abnormality, science and fact make this statement much more than a naive generalization. However, with that said, I believe that you love who you love. I simply don't believe my children should be brainwashed into believing that a persons sexuality defines who they are. Homosexuality is not a race. It is not a civil right, and when liberals insist on classifying it as one, it diminishes the lives lost in the true civil rights struggle.

Perhaps one of liberalism's most abused victim's are the poor, unless your a family making more than forty thousand dollars a year you will undoubtedly be forced to partake in the system. Churches used to lead the way when it came to getting the poor back on their feet, but “back on your feet” is exactly where Obama's nanny government doesn't want you. They prefer our heads barely above water, people pray the weeks by, so that on the third of the new month they can use their food stamp card. Obama's liberal Marxist regime, prefer you don't try to land the job for $300.00 a week, because that may be $200.00 a month passed the cut off point for cash assistance. Don't even get me started about the two ton sledge hammer liberals are smashing on the craniums of the lower middle class. They are taxing us to death, we all will become victims of liberalism, they are making it to expensive to live. Why are subsidizing bogus dead end social programs with the tax payer dollar and telling us there is not a damn thing we can do about it. It's time for the real change!

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Digital Destruction

Digital Destruction

The evening news and American pop culture cinema, what do they have in common? They both are sensationalistic, disturbing, and more appropriately, not for children. The last movie I saw, through the spaces of my fingers that is, was The Last House on the Left. My brother talked me into going and restrained me several times from leaving, it was too violent and explicit. In the beginning of the film a young girl was violently raped, you could see it coming like a slow motion car wreck. The young lady in the movie portrayed an underage beauty, the camera panned her entire figure as she playfully joked around with her girlfriend, her clothes dangling off her fully developed body.

They accentuated her sexuality, clothing it will juvenile naivety.; it was enough to make the old men feel like perverts and the young ones shamefully not look away as she was assaulted. The victim's girlfriend tried to stop the rape and was violently impaled by the thrust of a giant hunting knife, she took an agonizingly long time to die, it truly rattled me, I had to keep telling myself that it was just a movie. I think it was this movie that motivated me to vow not to let my daughter watch anything more controversial than the animal channel.

And you know what, it's not just the film industry, television is morally corrupt, and it is causing a vital disconnect between fantasy and reality. Children have become accustomed to learning life's lessons from an idiot box. TV has blurred the lines between right and wrong, good and bad; it has taught the unsupervised masses that you solve issues by killing someone, why not the hero's do it. Television has also perpetuated the liberal mantra of entitlement, you deserve it, even if you must take it. If you don't agree that TV has a profoundly negative effect on society, primarily children, you should really think it through. TV is socializing our young, much like the socialization puppies receive, it teaches them how to interact with their peers. Imagine if you were to raise your pup around vicious other dogs, most likely they will respond violently when they encounter familiar situations, not good.

Parent's who do not take the initiative to investigate what they are letting their children view are doing a detrimental disservice to society. Kids emulate much of the behavior that they see on TV, good or bad, unfortunately the adults in their lives do not take or have the time to teach them what honor and respect mean. An increasingly large number of ten year old children are not fit to interact in a proper environment, and the blame should rest squarely on their parents.
Recently, the nation was exposed to “balloon Boy” a microcosm of the deficiency more and more American parents have regarding normality. We are told “normal is only a setting on a wash machine, who are you to say what's normal” There once was the wholesome God fearing patriot or honest family man who led by example, the problem was when people couldn't reach that bar, liberals lowered it, they didn't correct the answer, they changed the question. Now that we have been told “Your answer is not wrong, it's just a different perspective” we have no standards. Richard Henne “balloon boy's father” was so enthralled with achieving notoriety, he pimped out his own child's integrity.

The evening news resembles a “best of” daily recap of the follies, destruction, and mayhem of the last twenty four hours. Of course if your part of the government run media, you will have to manage exploiting the hapless nit wit's and murderers and sex offenders of America, in between your constant campaigning and defending of the currant president and his administration. The “news” as well as the “entertainment” programs are conveying the Presidents agenda both blatantly and covertly. When I mentioned to my wife that she would be noticing her shows carrying the message of public service per the Obama administration, she thought that I was mad; then when it happened she responded like all good liberals would, “Well I think there's nothing wrong with helping”

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Political correctness Disease

The antonym of common sense must be politically corrective behavior. I am convinced that PC (political correctness) is a formidable disease, as deadly as any ever recorded and it is destroying this nation from the inside out. The definition of disease is an impairment of health or condition of abnormal functioning, this just might be the most accurate way to describes PC's effect on The United States. Diseases like alcoholism or drug addiction are usually prolonged by the host desperate spiral down the road of denial and in some cases it becomes terminal.

Americas PC affliction is ravaging this country and make no mistake about it, this is lethal, it is claiming innocent lives this very moment. Every second a police officer neglects to stop a suspicious car, for fear of profiling and an unassuming victim is shot to death on the sidewalk. Every illegal alien that is not questioned and escapes the law with narcotics that find there way in the veins of America's youth. Every shady terrorist that slips through our grasp because he wasn't captured by the politically correct rules of engagement, that kills another young soldier.

Political correctness was devised by liberal democrats as a means to dissemble the foundation of this country; their objective is a society who's mantra is “ from each according to his ability, to each according to his need” The whole idea of the individual sickens the liberal, as they believe it to be a sign of arrogance and antiquated behavior. It is not politically correct to hold anyone accountable for their actions, just take a look what devastation PC has brought onto the gay and lesbian population. Std's have abruptly ended so many young promising lives, gays are told to hate the disease, yet celebrate the behavior that contracts it. Homosexuality is one of the only sicknesses that has been classified as a lifestyle, it is not politically correct to question why the majority of homosexuals are products of abusive childhoods or molestation, it's not PC to mention the high rate of lesbian violence and substance abuse.

Homosexuality is one of the biggest travesties imaginable and liberals have created a scenario that depicts people who oppose it as gay haters, when in fact it is the act itself that is detested. Homosexuality envelops all kinds; geniuses, artist, the wicked, the beautiful, but never the less it is a abnormality that has been exploited for political gain. The mere fact that I am writing this is making some readers cringe, not because they disagree, but because they have been conditioned by PC to believe homosexuality is a lifestyle choice.

Christianity, in America is falling victim to political correctness, soon it will be an impotent charade like it is over in Europe. Clearly the bible states that certain behaviors, like homosexuality are sin, yet the church is kowtowing to gay activist, becoming willing accomplices and sending their parishioners straight to hell. The whole idea and premise of Christianity is accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, for only through Christ is heaven attainable, yet our President, who claims to be Christian says, people who don't subscribe to this belief will surely get to heaven, because they are nice people. While Christianity isn't the only PC offender, is remains high priority and steadily in the cross hairs of the PC liberals because true Christian's will not be a slave to the state or government drones.

As political correctness tares through society it indoctrinates all and consumes the individual, replacing the rugged American spirit with multiculturalism and mediocrity. Schools are teaching our children that winning alienates the loser, they are dumbing down pupils to the lowest common denominator to keep the less intelligent ones self worth intact. The political correctness disease will unravel the fabric of greatness that this country has relied on for centuries, unless the individual is willing to take a stand.


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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Abortion... The crime of the Century

This is where conservatives lose a lot of steam, abortion. This subject has been debated and debated; republicans believe this issue scares off a lot of other wise persuadable independents. This may be true, but when one compromises his principles in order to capture power, then one would be defined as a liberal. Abortion is a savage proposition, touted by the left wing as a woman's rights issue. The left wing has politicized this horror and it has manifested into a tool of contention scarring off skidish independents.. I say who cares!

(people want to follow a man or woman who remains true to his or her convictions, the abortion issue will not keep people from supporting an honest candidate who refuses to play Washington's games of race baiting, semantics, and pop-politics.)

Abortion terminates a life that inconveniences a mother, it is murder made convenient by simple geography. If that same four month fetus were out of the womb living in an incubator with 100% chance of survival and a doctor decided to dismember it with a scalpel, that doctor would go to jail. Can a fetus feel pain? First of all, with something so vital wouldn't we want to error on the side of caution. It has been detailed that a fetus of only eight weeks can recognize pain, research has gone so far as to describe changes in heart rate and movement when a fetus has been prodded with a needle in its palm.

Would we encourage a woman three weeks pregnant to accept a multimillion dollar contract to fight in a UFC cage brawl? Most likely no. We would suggest, at the very least, that she was acting irresponsible. Would you gasp in horror if you were to watch a visibly pregnant woman do a belly flop off of a diving board? Yet there are people that claim just because a human life has not exited the womb, it can be subjected to a brutal end at the hand of a physician. Let's put our common sense hats on for a moment and forget about politics. Let's consider a woman who is three months pregnant. This woman is going to have an abortion, but before she does she is asked to view an ultra sound of her impending child. The ultra sound reveals the typical information, it shows the fetus bouncing around, its tiny human profile, and she hears its heartbeat. Now the doctor then explains to the would be mother that if she has the child, he knows of a wonderful family that would love to adopt it. Would that woman have a few doubts about what she is prepared to do? Maybe. But, isn't that tiny bit of doubt, enough to say, “This just might be wrong.”

The first lesson my boss explained to me in the car business was“perception is reality” This phrase is also true as it pertains to abortion. When a woman who is three months pregnant miscarries, it is a painstaking event, in most cases the family already knows and she may have even discussed names. It is heartbreaking. However, if a woman who is three months pregnant decides to get an abortion, she is a contemporary woman of the 21st century expressing her rights. Somethings wrong.

The issue of abortion has been championed by the liberal democrat party for years and they have won quite a few votes exploiting this unfortunate situation. The liberal democrat machine is concerned with votes from their white liberal elitist moon-bats. Masquerading as though their not apathetic to the whole ordeal, like their on the side of womanhood. Yet, they show no concern for documented damage an emotional hell that overwhelms a young woman when she realizes there was a little life inside of her.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Liberal America is Burning

On January 20th, Barack Obama was sworn into office, a hard core leftist disguised as a moderate, wielding a deceptive mantra of hope and change, at a time when America was so desperate for it. We had witnessed the debacle of George Bush, who put the for sale sign on the lawn and hosted an open house for big business, amnesty, out of control spending, and a desire to placate mindless liberals. A good portion of the American citizenry looked upon Barack Obama as a sort of savior, who was above typical politics and the Washington chicanery.

Unfortunately, America was wrong. President Obama soon revealed himself as a typical tax and spend liberal, with a left wing social agenda on steroids. Nearly nine moths into his presidency, Barack Obama has received The Nobel Peace Prize, right wing pundits are stupefied, claiming he's done do-nut, zilch, zero. Wrong. Obama has amassed an unhinged group of left-wing zealots; these mono-thought idealist have been the cavity in this great countries existence since it's founding.

Liberals have decimated the African-American community; first by destroying the family, replacing the father with a government check. Secondly, liberals infiltrated urban academia, rewriting history and planting the seeds of contention. Every crime ridden metropolis run by liberals siphon's money off the working taxpayer. They create bizarre social programs designed to engineer the youth to believe that they are victims. These programs are built to ensure failure and dependance on the state. It doesn't take a Rocket scientist to see this scam, cities never get better, they get worse, and more money is injected, then stolen by liberals for kick backs or bogus state jobs.

Liberals can be counted on to inappropriately interject the race card every time that they are exposed or caught red handed. Acorn for example, this gaggle of money grubbing thieves has been caught countless times for voter fraud, embezzlement, and tax evasion. Bertha Lewis is now claiming that the motivation behind shedding the light on her criminal empire, is racial! Imagine that. Liberals time and again defy logic. Honor and accountability are two traits that the liberal ideology is void of.

Christianity, is perhaps the liberals most despised phenomena; how can a human being dedicate his life to an unseen creator or believe that compared to another he is frail and fallible. Liberals cannot buy or cheat the concept of Christianity, so they ruthlessly persecute it. They mock Jesus every chance they get, however Muhammad, the leader of a religion that is mercilessly wicked and oppressive to the liberal lifestyle, goes unchallenged. Why? Because liberals fit in one of three categories; either cowardice small minded vermin or ditsy aloof moon-bat or elitist. All of which are the single greatest threat to this nation.

The ACLU is a fine example of why liberalism is a psychosis rather than a true political persuasion. The American Civil Liberties Union will spend millions of dollars defending terrorist, criminals, and other anti Americans, in their war on The United States .They specialize in persecuting Christianity. Like liberalism itself, the ACLU is only concerned by ones ideology, and therefor has no credibility. Our founders, who were predominantly Christian, simply didn't agree that the state should slip its tentacles into religion, they witnessed the corruption and abuse of power over in England, religion was too important to them. Here are a few of the ACLU's outstanding accomplishment:

In 1992 the ACLU persuaded a judge to approve adoption of a young boy by his mother's lesbian partner.

In 1995 the ACLU spoke out against the Flag Amendment which would have banned burnings and desecration's of the American flag.

In 1996 the ACLU worked with senators to defeat legislation providing federally-funded cash vouchers to students in Washington D.C.'s religious schools.

In 1997 the ACLU successfully beseeched the Supreme Court to protect the rights of pornographers on the Internet - including the right to show their images to children

Liberalism is burning America to the ground, soon we will be sifting through the ashes for common decency and hope. The more liberals accomplish ,the worse our nation becomes and the closer it inches to irreconcilable destruction. Soon every educational institution will be the breeding ground for social engineering; your children will be learning revised history, and indoctrination for the American democratic socialist party begins in pre-school. It's happening now. Soon America flags will be contraband, they are sure to violate the civil rights of illegal aliens, this is not a joke, we are in trouble. The constitution is our governments only salvation, those who oppose it should be exposed as traitors to our nation.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's a New World

With their meticulously clean weaponry shining underneath the sun, China kicked off its momentous celebration, marking the 60th year of communist rule. The pride beamed off their soldiers determined faces, without uttering a word, they convincingly said, “ We are powerful, fierce, and growing; we will not be messed with.” Perhaps the most interesting fact would be, only through China's toes in the waters of capitalism, have they been able to engineer such massive strength.

Along with the Chinese, the Russians are exercising their military prowess and pumping up their prideful nationalism. Our liberals can only lustfully stare at the progress of these two up and coming meniscus; their liberals rest quietly with bullets in their heads or in prison along side suffering Christians, being tortured and humiliated for their belief in God over government.
While in the west Barack Obama continues his dismantling of America, by infusing crippling social and economical poison; simultaneously weakening the military's ability to protect its primary responsibility, the American citizen. By kowtowing to dictator's who despise America and handling Iran with kit gloves, Obama has put the US in jeopardy. Last week Hugo Chavez, Venezuelan thug, attacked America's previous President George Bush, referring to him as the devil. Obama's silence on that issue was embarrassing and exposed the young President further as weak and naive. No matter what we believe about our 43rd President, George Bush, he is our President, Obama had a responsibility to repudiate Chavez, yet he wilted.

Hugo Chavez is revered among America's liberal elite, particularly in the vile amoral axiom of Hollywood. Sean Penn, one of Chavez's most ardent groupies, is not shy about showing his admiration to Venezuela's brutal dictator. Penn seems to get aroused by Chavez's violent grip on power; no doubt Penn would love to send one of his children to school in Venezuela, where Chavez is quite candid about his efforts to indoctrinate them.

Is there anyone else in America who recognizes that the Russians are still behave like the Soviets? Does anyone understand China is becoming our landlord and quietly amassing the means to be the Super Power? Does anyone wonder why a rather numerous group in this country called liberals seem to support anyone or anything that seeks to do this us harm? Does anyone realize our President is a liberal? I used to believe that the American media was asleep at the wheel, I am horrified to find out that their wide awake, they simply refuse to expose any corruption or wrong doings that this administration and its cronies are involved in.

I was not surprised when we were the first to get the boot from the running to host the 2016 Olympics. I was horrified to watch the President degrade and chastise his country while on tour in Europe. Regardless of what the pundits and Obama's critics have said about his loathsome view of America, I simply watched all of his soaring speeches, I just couldn't comprehend any justification for a sitting President to take shots at The United States, he took plenty. Among a potpourri of unnecessary insults Obama claimed America was arrogant, and inferred that upon his election The United States had begun to heal its self righteousness psychosis.

China celebrated its 60th year of communism, but never breathed a word about its sixty years of oppression, forced abortion, murder, and pollution. China is a country that every American should be thankful to not be a citizen of. They had a glorious celebration, but it was more than that, it was a tactical demonstration. Upon the world stage, China told us, “We're here, we're legit, watch out.”
On that same world stage, President Obama told us, “We're sorry, we're weak, and we won't make a sound.

Maybe the President should have took that time to ask Europe where they would be, had we not saved them in WW2, or where Iraq would be had we left them suffering under the diabolical oppression of Saddam Hussein. Or maybe Africa, without the billions of dollars in aid. God Bless America, if the President won't say it, I will. Barack Obama is quick to call opposing ideologies worn out and antiquated, he uses vocabulary given to him by his many focus and research groups like “BOLD” and “FRESH”. However it is Obama's naive and hyper-emotional hippie rhetoric that is worn out; this is not the 1970's, it's a new world and our adversaries are playing for keeps.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Liberalism is a psychosis

“It wasn't a rape rape,” says Whoopie Goldberg. Correct Whoopie, it was a drug the thirteen year old girl and force her to satisfy your sick twisted sexual demands, even after she pleads with you to stop. A young girl, under the pretext of having her picture taken by a famous forty year old man, was incapacitated and forcefully raped. If you read the transcripts to this disgusting ordeal, in which Polanski admitted his guilt, you will be sickened by the shameful details of RAPE.

Goldberg's is not alone, however, Polanski has the support of quite a handful of Hollywood's out of touch liberal elite. This is so indicative of liberal democrats, they have no moral compass and their only sense of right or wrong balances on who did what, not what did who do. Let me explain after going all Dr. Seuss on you; if a conservative had done this crime, liberals would be storming the jail with pitch forks calling for his head, using the media to expose the fact that this vermin was a right wing pervert.

Liberals believe because Polanski is one of them, the pesky details of his crime should be overlooked, he should not be judged in the same way that your garden variety filthy deviant should, he a genius. This is what is fundamentally wrong with liberalism, this is why liberalism is not so much an ideology, but more of a psychosis.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Peace, Love, and Nuclear Bombs

Barack Obama’s disdain for the country our founders created is evident, and it should scare the hell out of you. Barack Obama is successfully undermining the security and well being of this nation, and this should scare the hell out of you. It is not merely enough for the Obama administration to castrate the ideology of capitalism, which has fortified this countries existence for over 200 years, but they are sabotaging our defenses.

Whether you are a liberal, anti-war moonbat, or just simply stupid, you must agree that the world is an unforgiving place. This Earth is dictated by power and force, so no matter how enlightened or savvy you think you might be, understand this; If not for America’s military might and it’s fiercely efficient war machine our adversaries would crush us.

I would wager that the left wing fringe in this nation would not fair so well in other countries like Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Lebanon, Libya, and yes even Venezuela. Picture this, you’re with a couple college bud’s, sipping a Carmel Macchiato at Barnes and Noble, rattling off reasons The United States is so backwards, you know, Bush lied, people died and so on. Then suddenly you’re nabbed by local service volunteers and sent to prison without any trial, phone call, or Miranda rights. You’re never heard from again.

August 6, 1945, The United States detonated “little boy” over Hiroshima and followed up with “fat man” over Nagasaki three days later, thus accelerating the conclusion of bloodshed with the Japanese in WW2. On August 15th, the Japanese surrendered. These weapons of mass destruction ended the deadliest war ever, only because we had strived for military superiority up until that point, were we able to land on the winning side of history and avoid millions more of US casualties. Our recognition of the dangers in the world as well as its evils prepared our nation for victory.

Recently President Obama could be seen in all his glory, as he explained to the UN his beautiful vision of a world with no nukes. This is an outright lie, President Obama is not foolish enough to believe this world will relinquish its nukes, but this irresponsible rhetoric fires up his left wing radicals, and the bottom line is they vote. Mr. Obama lectures the nations about their “cold war” mentality, when it’s his cold war mentality that he uses to support a vision of nuclear nonproliferation. The future of the world isn’t getting rid of nukes; the future is making them irrelevant. We will never, let me say NEVER create a nuclear free planet, which is where the conversation should begin. Some will argue, the reason there will never be another World War is the threat of nuclear annihilation, these people are called intelligent.

I cannot argue the point with enough passionate, that it is irresponsible and dangerous to spout off the impossibility of nuclear disarmament. It is ridiculous to even entertain the thought that a nation will voluntarily disarm. The most unsettling thought is that our President is trying to disarm us; this is a list of a few things our President has said, pertaining to defense:

I will cut investments in unproven missile defense systems.

I will not weaponize space. I will slow our development of future combat systems.

And I will institute an independent defense priorities board to ensure that the Quadrennial Defense Review is not used to justify unnecessary spending.

Third, I will set a goal of a world without nuclear weapons. To seek that goal, I will not develop new nuclear weapons; I will seek a ban on the production of fissile material,

and I will negotiate with Russia to take our ICBM's off hair-trigger alert and to achieve deep cuts in our nuclear arsenal

The most definitive way to ensure peace, now and in the future, is to weaponize space strengthen our military, and build such a modern, effectual, and fierce system of defense, no one will be able to threaten us or our allies.(allies, you know the time honored friends that President Obama has been so successful in snubbing) America must maintain a military structure that sends our friends and foe alike a clear message, “We will not permit fear and violence to be used as a means to communicate with our country, we are a fair and honorable nation that just wants to peacefully coexist. And if you decide to attack us, we have the weaponry to ward off any advance, and then we will pursue you to the ends of the Earth and destroy you.”

Many of my liberal acquaintances will argue, “Why would President Obama put us in jeopardy?” Simple, the President is only interested in his legacy, socialized healthcare and Cap and Trade, he believes he has enough military credit to carry us through his presidency, he is wrong. And just as he misjudged Americans being asleep at wheel while he rammed healthcare down our throats, he is misjudging this too. We cannot afford to let this President weaken our defenses anymore than he has; our enemies are drooling like a wolf in a hen house. They perceive Obama as a feeble President, and they aren’t blinking. The international community does not respond to hugs, unfortunately. As much as the liberal would like to believe human beings have entered an age of enlightenment and have evolved into a state that is “just above it all” they are wrong. In order to keep our society free and functional, in order to maintain the single greatest nation on Earth, one which gives the most to impoverished nations, one that gives so much to mankind, one that has done more for others than all the countries combined, we must be a military super power.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Why I Oppose President O

Why do I oppose Obama?

1. As a Christian, I am distressed by Mr. Obama’s dedication toward championing abortion, at any term! Mr. Obama refused to sign a bill that would give medical assistance to babies who survived botched abortions, without this bill they simply suffered until they expired. I believe, when people engage in sex, they should understand the risk, STD’s and pregnancy to name a couple. You are not forced to have sex, and abortion should not be a convenient birth control method.

2. As a fairly logical and informed American, I understand that terrorist do not want to be friends, they despise our culture and more importantly their countries are in such turmoil, they need a common enemy to bond them. Mr. Obama has done many things to appease them, and they only see that as weakness, and thus still attack us. Due to the President’s newly adopted rules of engagement, soldiers are dying out there, and that is heartbreaking.

3. When the President was over in Europe, he talked about The United States unfairly; he apologized several times for what he believed were our shortcomings. Whether he was correct or not, it was perceived as a sign of weakness and shook our allies. President Obama also left Poland, hanging out to dry because of his fear of Putin. Now the Ukraine and Georgia are in play. Obama’s decision to scrap our missile defense has fundamentally changed the game in Europe, for the worse, we should be very concerned.

4. I oppose the President’s medaling in the auto industry, when the government touches something it dies. The biggest joke is the debacle in the inner cities, for decades liberal democrats have siphoned in tax payer dollars while they systematically obliterated the African American family. Through their bizarre social engineering they have created fatherless families, disease, and murder. They keep the inner cities designed this way to keep endless funds coming in, with which they line their pockets and create bogus jobs with premium health care benefits. Use your heads, all the money these liberals squandered on the inner cities, and they are still in decline, IT’S A SCAM!

I hope you are getting the picture; I oppose Mr. Obama because he and his cronies, his white liberal followers, his black liberal followers, are destroying this remarkable country. The African American community, for the most part, is socially conservative. Most are Christian, most believe a marriage is between a man and a woman, and most believe in the sanctity of life. The resistance against President Obama consists of American’s made up from every creed and color, who believe the government is far two enormous and mustn’t get any larger. This movement need’s strong black brother’s and sister’s, without them it will fail. God Bless

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mr. Peanut Launches the Race Card

The jig is up, if only President Obama were white; then the opposition would willingly give in to the demands of the single most left wing fringe administration in recent history. All those pesky liberty loving Americans would fall in line, and blindly support the fundamental destruction of their beautiful homeland. Immigrants from former communist states would finally stop warning us of our impending doom. Yes, if only our young President were white, the once great nation of limited government and prosperity would voluntarily succumb to a Wall Street takeover, fat cat lobbyist and special interest groups writing policy, massive government interferences in the private sector, and massive government interference in our homes.

Personally, I recognize when I am winning an argument, it usually occurs when my opponent stops utilizing logic and resorts to name calling or personal attacks, this seems to be what’s taking place here. Liberals are had reached Defcon 4, they are losing their war to permanently juice this government up on steroids; they have simultaneously turned the keys and launched their last weapon, the race card. With zero shred of proof, peanut farmer Jimmy Carter declared that the opposition to President Obama and his left wing ideology is driven by racism.

What? My grandfather, WW2 hero, opposes President Obama; he is in his eighties and very educated on current events and is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. My grandfather fought for this country, he served voluntarily as soon as he could legally fight. At eighty four, my grandfather is an active member of his church and a guiding light for me, if I become half the honorable fair man that he is, I’ll be a satisfied father, friend, and husband.

The notion that Jimmy Carter can dismiss men like my grandfather and so many others as racist is a sin. My grandfather is not a party line republican, nor a racist; he is an independent thinker with an enormous heart. If you, like me, have wondered how in the world these liberals like Pelosi, Reid, Frank, and the like ever imagined that they could fundamentally transform this free nation into a country occupied by a totalitarian government, now we know. They believed the race card would be their Coup Degraw, their assured mutual destruction, they believed with the pain of discrimination and bigotry being so powerful any adversary would shrink into the abyss, with the fear of being accused.

Well they severely miscalculated their potency. Even with media lap dogs, like NBC, doing their bidding, the American public isn’t backing down. When Mr. Obama was elected he did so with a larger share of white support than any other democrat since 1976, says the associated press via the Politico. Are you telling me, the same voters who elected this man are now racist? Mr. Carter isn’t calling out factual racism, for example anyone who is actually attacking the President because of his color, no Carter is much more irresponsible, and he is claiming if you strongly disagree with the most polarizing radical leader in recent history, you must be a racist. Mr. Peanut man, that is shameful, you are playing a dangerous game.

In fact Carter’s purely political agenda might very well negate the legitimacy of real racism, which is alive and well and unfortunately doesn’t discriminate what race it infects. President Obama, who has failed so miserably when given the option to do the right thing, has a chance to correct the notion that he would sell his typical white grandmother down the river for a political edge, by rebuking Carter’s wildly erroneous claims. Will he? Or will he let this play out; choosing the side of the issue which best suits his agenda?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The New 9/11

Today marks the eighth anniversary of an extraordinarily tragic day, one that fundamentally changed America as we knew it. On September 11th 2001, terrorist took aim and struck without mercy, incinerating liberal, conservative, black, white, democrat, and a multitude of other Americans; this still surreal day transformed America on so many different levels.

A faceless killer, snuck passed our military defenses, eluded our nuclear warheads and our spy satellites and murdered over 3000 of our civilians, on our own soil. The recorded phone calls, the televised jumpers, and the people swarming from the collapsing cement and steel, constant digital reminders that we can’t hide. And come to find out we can’t compromise, coddle, coheres, or even appease these evil warriors of death.

The new President inherits this painful war in which his predecessor decided to move heaven and Earth to keep us safe from. To claim that this is anything less than a war on terror, is to negate the importance of those who perished on 9/11, it is a slap in the face to those precious hero’s who are dying on foreign soil right now. If changing this campaign’s name from the “war on terror” to the “over sea’s contingency plan” isn’t vile enough, the very anniversary day of heartbreaking event has been glossed over as the “nation call to remembrance and service day”

The President and his wife Michelle, did do their part today however, they parked the jet and helped paint a room. You see Mr. Obama seeks to reduce the significance of this day to coincide with his socialist agenda, a day of community service. You know, help the greater good. Politicizing this enormously important day is a shame to say the least. We as a nation should lament that fact that there are already children unaware of the enemy that pursues our destruction.

The momentous value of 9/11’s anniversary should never be equated to a community service/ teach the children to love the planet day. This day bound us by the common fact that no matter what political party we supported, no matter what color we were, no matter the denomination of our religion or lack thereof, we were survivors and we were in this together.

9/12 was not a day that we forgot people differences, but it was a day we found everyone’s commonality. There is a terrible enemy out there who wants us dead, because we represent freedom, because of our values, but most of all, because that is what brings them together. They are able to avert hunger, despair, hatred, and plight by creating a boogeyman, this boogeyman is the US and Israel. We cannot give into their demands, because their demand is that we die! Mr. Obama has done another great disservice to his country, by trying to politicize this day. God Bless us all.