“Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it and institute new government . . .”—United States Declaration of Independence

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

System Of A Down - Snowblind

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Presenting Killing Us by Degrees

Killing Us By Degrees

Hello. My blog has recently undergone some critical changes, the first of which is the co contribution from fellow author Dax. The second third fourth fifth sixth and so on have been structural and creative, directed toward our sole intent of publishing interesting essays of truth, bias, hate, fear, honest reasoning, and unfiltered observations of which supposed free men are at liberty to express.

As of June 1st the official rebirth will have entirely taken place. The name of my blog will remain unchanged. ( after endless heated debate ) and here’s why.....

For decades now, Americans have been digesting an ugly, subversive, and suicidal narrative hidden deep within their spoon-fed farina. This has manifested into the birth and manufacturing of what some refer to as the “low information voter”. For those of you that are unfamiliar with this quasi accurate label I will explain. If you view the T.V show “Criminal Minds” on a regular basis, you're most likely an L.I.V. As a matter of fact television viewers in general have a great propensity to be a “low info Voter”. However these shows are extremely telling, The View, The Talk, CNN, MSNBC, C.S.I(all), network news, cable news, and yes Fox news.
Here is the break down “laymanized”. The vast majority of American's who vote or claim to vote receive their information from cable T.V, local print, or people dumber than themselves. Unfortunately at best it is greatly inaccurate and at worst it's nefariously orchestrated and produced propaganda.
The culture has been saturated with this bad propaganda for decades, both from the left and from the left's version of the right. Academia, pop culture magazines, movies, activist, government, and the list goes on. I will come clean, as embarrassing as it is to admit, I myself was a dedicated Fox viewer and rabid ditto head. This was the only narrative I knew, so let me relate something to you, it's an analogy of sorts.
When I was a young boy I would impatiently anticipate visiting my grandmother on every second Sunday. This was not only my escape from a horrifying daily existence, but time spent at grandma's would assure me that something greater was attainable. My gram's would roast gigantic carrots for me, in the old gas oven, they were as long as my arm. Stepping out of my grandfathers old Chevy Nova, we called the “jalopy” I could just smell the carrots, the old house, and the fresh air of the country.
What I'm getting at is that until this very day if any of those sights or smells are detected by my senses, I instantly envision my childhood. Deeply engrained in me as well as most humans are the sensations that accompanied our growth into adulthood. Also the associations we form, the information we learn gossip or truth slowly becomes reflex as we age. As human nature goes we hardly question anything at all, from adolescence we are told “because that's the way it is”. American's have become conditioned, we have artificial reflexes that have been implanted through auditory, visual, and kinetic propaganda.
For instance if I say fagot, nigger, Jew, chink, Jap, or gook, I will receive a conditioned response and most likely that response will be condescending at best and violent at worst. Over the last few decades humanity hasn't changed but as I can now see, our programming has, let me show you. When I was young the few people who received free lunch at school did so inconspicuously and with caution. Most of those who qualified for free lunch preferred to go hungry than to risk the shame of exposure. In those not so distant years children innately detested government hand outs and just as innately ridiculed its recipients. This used to be a motivator to pick yourself up and change. Today under the ruling classes narrative the only acceptable shame that should be dispensed is upon of those who still believe government handouts are for losers.
For me the truth finally became clear when I realized that my natural thought and common sense were being sacrificed for political correctness. My best example would be my views on homosexuality. My position is that homosexuality is a disgusting and UN-natural act, it might even be an undiagnosed illness. Now, that is my honest thought and feeling on the act of homosexuality. In today's ruling thought police state my views mean I am a hateful and ignorant oppressor and what's frightening is I almost accepted that label. However the truth is that I love and respect my fellow humans regardless of color, race, or sexual preference. I despise any good person being harmed emotionally or physically, in this aspect I'm almost faggy.
So here it is, common sense dictates that I can associate vomit and uneasiness with homosexuality while simultaneously agreeing homo's can be great people. Americans have been duped into believing, in this instance mind you, that a persons sexuality defines their character and if you hate homosexuality you hate the homo! Well guess what? I won't except that narrative any longer.
The long and short is that for close to a century the progressive elite are the only party in town. They continue to write the script for both sides (and this is where your conditionings illicit a judgment that labels me as a kook). The only reason for our imaginary two party system is to let us think we really have a choice. It is slowly and precisely that our beliefs, traditions, and judgment of right and wrong are being molested. It is only by degree that we accept tyranny and despair as inevitability or we would simply revolt. 1776 was just yesterday, yet progressive reasoning promotes it as the long ago uninformed irrelevant past. It is only by degree that we second guess our innate common sense. The progressive elite are truly Killing Us By Degrees.

Join the demand for the truth

Monday, April 1, 2013

Deconstructing Me

Deconstructing Me

Today, I sadly report that the majority of my existence has been wasted. Nourished by popular propaganda and the sustenance of social control, I was routinely watered and grew to be a man. A man with conviction and principles freely selected from two predetermined paths marked A or B, never realizing "the choice" was no choice at all.

Today, as my lungs release the last of the oppressive ether and my eyes are somewhat clear, I realize that I am but one of millions bonded in slavery.

It gets better, I'll finish this tonight God willing. This article will reveal a disturbing truth and change your life.



Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The GOP Must Die

The GOP must Die

Enough already. America’s submersion into the frozen black waters of decay is hardly the democrat’s fault; they are simply capitalizing on this countries most impotent flesh mass, the voter. The GOP is this centuries Benedict Arnold, they are the self-professed keepers of conservatism and traditionalism. Right

They are not the alternative, but the accelerant, fanning the flames of progressivism. Arguments of mass inclusion are taking hold in recent weeks, just as I predicted. The party with which conservatives must hold their nose and vote for is fraudulent and must DIE!

With my blazing I.Q I had deduced the GOP’s nefarious agenda, also calculating it’s abysmal failure and the results there of. The puffy counterfeit GOP elite’s are now telling us we must seduce homosexuals, women, immigrants (illegal or not) and other leftwing causes if we ever expect to win the White House.

This will only serve to create a situation where an enormous amount of real conservatives stay indoors on Election Day.

Adopting every kooky leftwing special interest is no solution, yet sheople heads are beginning to nod nation wide. The republican’s can support gay marriage, amnesty, and abortion and it still won’t matter! The GOP can adopt every democrat crackpot policy and still garner no significant advantage; it’s a red herring.

By digesting the dubious democrat agenda the GOP will have consumed deadly poison, to which there’s no anecdote. The progressive elite governing this Nation realizes this and it may be the greatest hoax of my lifetime. When it already takes a high-powered microscope to differentiate between parties, how would mimicking the hedonism of the left succeed in advancement?

The republicans lost because they are the party of bloated limp wrist progressives like John McCain. Like southern fem-rod Lindsey Graham-cracker, smacking down Rand Paul’s filibuster with his carefully contrived “black helicopter” talking points.  The GOP is telling us all to be good little beta’s, this brings me to my analogy.

As men we are told to be sensitive emotional beings, praise the strength of woman, she is your equal. While you follow this advice your girlfriend will be screwing some guy who treats her like a PIG. The good news is you can always be friends with her BFF.

The GOP must be more selective and exclusive, following the RIGHT principles. Just like a women, the voter wants to be led. Our founders had elephant testicles and they didn’t apologize, they changed the world.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

America is gone (preface)

Reality is, every single anti-government website, conspiracy website, and limited government website, only goes as far as their allowed. To actually believe that American citizens are free, is idiotic. For close to 100 years our government has not existed, we are not the country of T. Jefferson, G. Washington, Franklin or whoever. We are the government of the ruling elite. America is gone.

If you agree with me, please let me know.

Monday, February 11, 2013

When the Right isn't right

Assuming our republican politicians have an IQ higher than let's say dirt, why would they propose such idiocy? They are pushing the narrative that in order to increase the square footage of the electoral tent they must sellout a degree or two. They are cautiously persuading us (the right) that the only way an R will regain the White House, is if we go a little fag, not all the way, but a bit. But, excuse me, however, if the republican partly (sp OK) goes full fuckin' force, they will garner nothing. If the following list of proposals, were they to be requested by the republican partly, were made, the net total of converts would be zero.

  1. Grant absolute amnesty.
  2. Personally perform gay marriage.
  3. Go green.
  4. Purge the party by 50% of its wrinkled pastey whites, replaced by black lesbian women in wheelchairs. (that covers 4 traits trump to white man)
  5. Create and support draconian gun laws.
  6. Etc, Etc,

So put your thinking cap on. If the republican partly adopted these ridiculous 5 ideals to their platform, how much would they gain? Almost zero. So if 1+1 =2, 5+2 =7, then why are they pretending to believe the right must be flexible? Why? Because the republican partly isn't right thinking at all, they are progressives.

You Swine Happy Now? Black Kills White to Right Historical Wrongs

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Never be rude to a faggot by (Andy Nowicki alternative right)

Never Be Rude to a Faggot Culliver's Travails: media lynching in progress
For those not following the hype and hullaballoo surrounding the most overhyped and hyper-hullaballooed event in the history of the world, it seems that in the run-up to Super Bowl XLVII, a professional football player has expressed the simply unacceptable sentiment that he actually finds it quite undesirable to take showers and walk around naked in the company of gay men.
The offender is one Chris Culliver, defensive back for the San Francisco 49ers. Earlier this week, over the course of a lighthearted radio interview with a jocular interlocutor on press day, Culliver revealed that he has a strict no homo policy when it comes to goings-on in the locker room. He’d rather not be around any of those “sweet”-acting, lispy, limp- wristed characters while in a state of undress: “Uh-uh,” Culliver stated emphatically at the prospect, “no way!”
Needless to say, all progressive-minded folk interested in showing others how righteous they are immediately jumped all over the suddenly embattled NFL jock for saying such an outrageous, “ignorant” thing. Equally as predictably, soon afterwards a chastened Culliver, looking like a frightened little boy who’s been called to the principal’s office, issued a meek apology to all right-thinking people everywhere, whom he deeply wounded with his viciously hateful, awful, horrible, despicable, dastardly, and completely terrible remarks. (For his penance, he’s been assigned—what else—“sensitivity training,” with representatives of the San Francisco LGBT community! Will he be forced to strip in the company of a bunch of flaming, leering queens in order to demonstrate having conclusively overcome his homophobia? Enquiring minds wonder…)
Presumably, Chris Culliver ought to be perfectly fine with the notion of being in intimate quarters with men who embrace the love that, until recently, dared not speak its name (and now apparently won’t ever shut the hell up). He shouldn’t fret about being ogled, or fear being subjected to frisky, freaky episodes of frottage by fellow athletes who happen to be light in the cleats (not that there’s everything wrong with that). And if he’s afraid of dropping the soap in the shower, well, that’s just cuz he’s a reprehensible bigot. Once Culliver is properly sensitivity-trained, he’ll come to know that gay men don’t really like to look at naked men’s pecs, penises, and posteriors…
Oh wait; they do? Uh…
Well then, maybe he’ll learn that, even if gay men like to ogle his naked body, he just needs to deal with it, because they’re gay and they get to do that, and not liking it is hate, plain and simple. Fearing the (homosexual) male gaze is only baby steps away from digging up Matthew Shepard and Tyler Clementi, and killing them all over again; such a repulsive heterosexist proclivity towards gay zombie genocide must be eliminated so that tolerance can reign supreme.
Yeah, that’s the ticket.
Or something.
(Cue the wank gesture and the insouciantly rolled eye.)